Rovolution Premium

2022 Launch Sale now on, purchase now and pay the same price until you cancel

Best Value

Lifetime plan

US $70.00

one time payment

40% Launch Sale

Note this is a one time payement

1-month plan

US $5.00

per month

20% Launch Sale

This is payment made every month

6-month plan

US $4.00

per month

20% Launch Sale

This is payment made every 6 months ($24.00)

12-month plan

US $3.00

per month

20% Launch Sale

You are charged every 12 months ($36.00)


Faster - A dedicated Server for Premium Supporter so the bot will be faster

Discord Role - Recieve a custom Discord Role in the Rovolution server, with a private chat

Rovolution Support - Get your support queries answered first before everyone elses

More Control over Music - Features including preventing age retricted videos being played

Update all Users - Just as simple as using !updateall or the slash command equivalent

Update all Users With Role - Just as simple as using !updaterole or the slash command equivalent

Early Supporter - You will get another Discord Role forever to show your support

RovolutionLogistics Projects - Increase the project limit from 6 per account to 50!

RovolutionStoreFront Watermark - Remove Rovolution Water mark from your store, making it feel more personal.

RovolutionStoreFront Handling Fees - Handeling fees lowered from 10% to 5%, to maximise your profit!

RovolutionLogistics Custom URL - If you give us your custom domain we will point it to any of your RovolutionLogistics Projects!

RovolutionLogistics Beta Testing - Get immediate access to all new beta testing projects on RovolutionLogistics!

RovolutionLogistics Game Analytics - Currently only open to Premium Users!

More perks comming soon, if there is a update you automatically get the perks at no extra cost if you have bought the lifetime package or are currently subscribing

How is the Money Spent?

Frequently Asked Questions:

We fully stand behind our project and are confident that you’ll be happy with our support. That said, we understand one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. If things aren’t working out and we can’t resolve your issue, we’re happy to give you a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase date.

Thats odd please join out support server using that link, once in the support server please DM a Developer, Owner or Co Owner with proof of purchase so we can sort this out.

We accept all major credit cards / debit card including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express as well as we also accept Apple Pay.

Great we love improving our work and we love to add new features. Please join the support server and make a feature or bug report in the appropriate channel, if you feature is added or you find a major bug you can get the Bug Hunter / Contributor role.

We are always sad to loose premium supporters, however unsubscribing is easy. Just go to support and make a request or through your bank/apple pay.

No worries just join the support server and send the Co Owner / Owner a DM with you order number and we will try to refund the rest of the plan.

Rovolution reserves the right to cancel or stop your use of premium at any time if we find you are in breach of the ToS, this includes intentionally trying to cause damage or harm to any part of Rovolution, abusing the refund system, or verbally abusing any member of staff. If your premium is cancelled due to a breach of the ToS you will not receive a refund accept in certain situations, at the discretion of Rovolution. Our word is final.

Make sure you are logged in and are either the owner of the server or have the permission 'MANAGE_SERVER' to add premium, if you still can't see your server make sure it doesn't already have premium, you can do this by running the command !premium in that server or by checking the server setting on this site.