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So why chose Rovolution?

We know you have many options for the perfect bot to verify your discord server, so what makes our bot stand out?


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Customise To Your Hearts Content

Rovolution is built on customisation and we are always striving to add new features and tools at no extra cost to improve the Roblox community. Rovolution is feature rich packed full of cool settings like:

  • Powerful Roblox to Discord Verification
  • Inbuilt ranking bot for groups
  • Intuitive server moderation commands
  • Extensive binding system which seperates nicknames and role binds
  • Inbuilt music bot with role permissions on the dashboard
  • A web dashboard to edit all the settings
  • Audit logs to view who edited what settings are on your server
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Rovolution Audit Logs

The feedback we got from lots of our members, is that lack of being able to see who edited the Rovolution Settings on the web-panel. We listened to you are we are now introducing Rovolution audit logs, get a detailed list of all changes made by a user and at what time, so group owners can always stay on top of whats happening in there groups, and with the ability to send to the logs straight to a discord server, what is there not to like?

Premium Info

To cover the maintaining costs for the bot and server space we have a premium version of the bot. We think that the price is fair and is just enough to cover the running costs of the platform.If you are a large group who is looking to partner with us, join the discord here get in touch. If you're partner with us, we will supply you with free Rovolution Premium for a shout-out to help grow our bot. What does premium offer? What does premium offer?

  • Faster
  • Special Discord role
  • Bypass all caching for verification
  • Verify everyone with a role
  • Lots of work in progress features like:
    • Update all role-less people every day
    • Faster music bot
    • Access to the Beta Bot

Have any feature requests? Join our discord!

Join our Discord

Join our Discord Server to get instant updates about new bot features and get support for the bot. Make sure you are in this server for giveaways, it is also full of our support channels including:

  • Verifing Support
  • Feature Request
  • Security Issues
  • Data Deleting Request
  • Bug Reports
  • Website Bug Reports

The Discord is full of our friendly staff, who are ready to help at any moments notice. At Rovolution we will help setup the bot for you and help you get on your way ASAP!

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